Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Demerits of computer

The computer is one of the most important inventions among all inventions that we use or view in this world but the computer still got various kind of demerits in it. The computer has been the major factor due to which there arise various kinds of problems. The computer got various kinds of applications and programs in it such as games, internet browsers, editors, etc and these things attract people to use the computer continuously but mostly it is seen in the youngster’s and in growing children due to this nature of people, they suffer from eye problem’s and they mostly try to get involved in such thing and ignore various other things like: - their studies, works and various other activities. The computers had made people very lazy just because of the facilities that the computer had provided them. As the computer had made various kind of work far easier than it should have been due to which people have to contribute less effort to do various kind of work and mostly dependent on computers to perform various kind of work and all these makes people lazy and on absence of computer there would be inefficiency n job and consume long time to perform the same work.


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